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If you are using the community edition, you can use this code:
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if (isset(@@caseToReopen) and !empty(@@caseToReopen)) {
	$caseId = @@caseToReopen;
	//get last delegation index:
	$query= "select * from APP_CACHE_VIEW where APP_UID='$caseId' order by DEL_INDEX desc";
	$aCases = executeQuery($query);
    if (!is_array($aCases) or count($aCases) == 0) 
		die("Error: Unable to find case with ID '$caseId'");
	$index = $aCases[1]['DEL_INDEX'];
	$c = new Cases();
	$result = $c->ReactivateCurrentDelegation($caseId, $index);

	$query = "update APPLICATION set APP_STATUS='TO_DO' where APP_UID='$caseId'";

	$query = "update APP_CACHE_VIEW set APP_STATUS='TO_DO' where APP_UID='$caseId' and DEL_INDEX=$index";
	$aCases = executeQuery($query);
bgone1969 wrote:Hi Amosbatto,

Where should place this trigger?

Thanks & Best regards.
I have created a process that you can use to execute this trigger:
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You need to enter the case number of the case to reopen.

In your workflow/engine/config/execute-query-blacklist.ini file, change from:

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