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The use case is as follows. I create a case. Send it for approval. After all the approval stages, the process is finished. Now the case itself is completed. Is there an option where I can see the form again?

There is a section in the home page which shows "Participated cases". But there I can see a summary only. I can also see a section named information which ha a dropdown which shows Dynaforms. But when I select that, nothing is actually popping up.

Please see the attachment.

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To view the Dynaforms in the Information tab of Participated cases list, you need to give Process Permissions to the user.
To do so:
1. Open the process in the designer whose Dynaform the user has to view.
2. Create a new Permission for the User you want should be able to review the Dynaform.

Now, when you access the Participated Cases list for that user and select Dynaforms from the Information drop-down list, you will be able to Preview the form(the form will be Read-only).
You can also create a Process Supervisor to allow the user to edit the form as well.
If the user has Process Supervisor access, he can review the forms in the Review option under Process Supervisor option of the Home menu.

Hope this helps

Best Regards

You also make dynaform named Summary Form and assign the variable or fields you want to show when user want to review again. After it Edit the process setting by right click and select edit process and find Dynaform to show summary , here you select that form.

After it Go to permission and allow users who participated to review the form. Its simple.
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