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By Kamil123
I have problem when I use .addGridRow() to add new line in the grid!
The problem is NO other line executed after .addGridRow() statemen!

For example, the alert below is not executing, Please advise :(
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var dynaformOnload = function() {
alert ("hello word");

Hello Kamil123,

You can use this example:
When the user clicks on the "addAccount" button, add a new row to a grid named "AccountsGrid" and then insert the value of the "accountName" and "accountNo" fields into the "name" and "no" grid fields in the new row:

getField("addAccount").onclick = function() {
newRowNo = Number_Rows_Grid("accountsGrid", "name") + 1;
getGridField("accountsGrid", newRowNo, "name").value = getField("accountName").value;
getGridField("accountsGrid", newRowNo, "no").value = getField("accountNo").value;

Best regards, Ricardo.

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