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How To Integrate ProcessMaker in Custom Application

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:56 am
by hbjadeja

I am a new user to process maker. My Question is, I want to use Process Maker as form designing application and integrate it inside my own application.
So, Is it possible to use Process Maker in such a way ?? If yes, which programming language is compatible with Process Maker.

To add more specifications,
I should able to design form in Process Maker, then write custom business logic on buttons, drop downs and other control event.
These form then I wont to publish inside my application (which are in Java and .Net both ). These Form then should work like a java or form and capture data,
Stores these data in Database / Legacy Database.

So is it possible to achieve this using Process Maker ?

Can any one in forum Helps me on this so that I can finalize my approach on Process Maker.

Thank you,