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By azalea45
I am a complete newbie with ProcessMaker, Java, HTML & XML.

I am using Processmaker 2.5.2

I have a simple form that uses a few cascading dropdown's, each dropdown runs a SQL query as they filter the information.

The value of the final dropdown is needed to be passed onto a grid. In the grid is another cascading dropdown.

EG In the main form the dropdowns are as follows
1. Type of establishment - Query SELECT * from EstablishmentType
2. Area of establishment - Query SELECT EstablishmentAreaID, EstablishmentAreaName from EstablishmentArea where EstablishmentType = @@EstablishmentType
3. Nearest town - Query SELECT TownID, TownName from Townz where EstablishmentArea = @@EstablishmentArea

The value of nearest town is then passed on to the Grid Activities. The user can then add the different activities that they took part in
The dropdown that needs to be be populated in the Grid uses the following Query SELECT ActivityID, Activity from Activity where NearestTown = @@NearestTown.
I am stuck as I cannot pass the NearestTown value across to the Grid

Please help

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