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By abel406
Hi everyone, I am trying to install ProcessMaker following the instructions from this page ... stallation, but after configuring http.conf file to include pmos.conf Apache crash :? and can't start. Is there anyone else around there having the same issue ?

I am using ... irror=iweb on Windows 8.1.

Thanks in advance.
Dear marcoramirez,

I considered that, but i have used xampp for installing CMS or likely applications that need Apache Web Server, php and MySql bundle and this is the first time i have this issue.In fact, XAMPP is very popular becouse of its facility to install the services separetely would consume to much time. I guess the developers should find a way to make the installer easier to setup.Maybe something like drupal, moodle, joomla, wordpress. I guess it has to do with apache settings.I think the issue is with that part of the setup process.

You can try.Download XAMPP for windows, processmaker in zip format and installit.I need to use the tool with out having to spend so much time setting it up.

I'm open tu sugestions.
Hello marco,
Those settings did not work for me. You could try to install ProcessMaker from code, using XAMPP bundle, latest edition and tell me if you made it work without messing up XAMPP general settings.
I am setting up a barebones unit with 4 drives2 x 80gb and 2 x 120gb. They all have data I need. They were each setup in individual raid1 configs. Could I use one 80gb and one 120gb and put them in the readynas and get access to the data without it formatting the drives?
Alto i have not had a chance to watch these YET i just have to say thank you.

Just a not about the xampp. This package was designed for developers and is apparently not very safe.

Ne way, thanx
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