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Hi Phileas,

I'll ask today to our DEV team if it is possible to have this integration on ProcessMaker 3 or if there is any chance to have this working on our current version.

Thanks for your concern on this :)

Hi Phileas,

Wordpress as an integration won't be included in version 3.0, but that doesn't mean that there are no plans for the integration, maybe we have to wait a little bit longer. Any news about this I'll let you know.

No integration with WordPress is available and there are no plans to do one as far as I know, although our survey shows that the community wants it. See: ... wordpress/

The Drupal integration is available. If you really need it to be in WordPress, then you can use REST API or web services to implement it yourself. If you just need a list of cases for a user, then I recommend using web services because it is much easier than REST.
I maintain websites in both Drupal and WordPress and I definitely prefer WordPress. Usually we get integrations when a big client is willing to pay the dev team to do the integration, but that hasn't happened yet for WordPress.

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