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By gosmart
Hi all!

In my past, I have seen to many projects that were specified in one way, developed in other and then documented in third.
There were always problems with maintaining application documentation consistent with developed version.
Sometimes we can see it even with PM in wiki.

I've been thinking for some time about the possibility to automatically generate some user documentation from process information in the database.
Since ProcessMaker is selfdocumenting (all info about the process is within the system and not in eg. Word *.doc files)
it works exactly as documented. :) One of the greatest beauties of process management.

It would be great to generate User manual which explains the process exactly as is it executed.

Eg. User manual
1. Process map
2. List of process tasks
2.1. List of users entitled to execute task
2.2. List of task steps
2.3. Explanation of each step (eg. snapshot of form)
etc, etc.

I have seen some efforts here on forum,
jasonpsage ... 4099#p4099 Check third paragraph!

Any comments?
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By amosbatto
This is an interesting proposal. You should file a "New Feature Request" at, asking for this feature. The major roadblock that I see at this point is that ProcessMaker doesn't have a feature to export the process map as an image which can be included in an email or an output document.

If you want to implement this yourself, you could write a script in a trigger which would generate a file containing all this information. It would require a lot of custom queries. You could execute this query by running a script with the web service executeTrigger() or you could add the Trigger as a step in a task and run the case.

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