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HI ,

I have a problem in self service value based assignment option.I want to assign the next task to the group of users.For that i created a drop down in dynaform and since it is mandatory to select the input from the user so i prefer to set the value using trigger before dyanform.

And in before assignment option i use the same variable to assign the task for the users available in dropdown.Once submitted,the task routed to the group of user and it is visible in the unassigned node.When i click the task it just displaye the details but there is no claim the case button displayed.can any one please provide idea to reach this option
The group which is assigned to your variable also needs to be in the assignment pool for the task which has self service value based assignment.

For example, if your "employees" group is assigned to the variable, then "employees" also needs to be in the assignment list for the variable. Right click on the task and select Assignment Rules from the context menu. Then in the dialog box, add the "employees" group under Assigned users list.
Hello Every body.

Suddenly, the same situation happened to me. My process flow complies with everything that Amosbato mentions and it was indeed working. However, this morning my users noticed that when they tried to claim cases, the "Claim this Case" button did not appear. While I was writing this post, the solution arrived, between one attempt and another to solve the situation: we have cleaned the server cache. Although with this it is no longer necessary to resort to your help, I wanted to leave this post in collaboration with those who may come to face this situation. Greetings :P :P

We have 3.4.10 Version.
OS: CentOS Linux release 7.3.1611


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