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By deepusundar
I am trying to run processmaker in 2 nodes using a loadbalancer IP configuration
(A single IP which will redirect the traffic to 2 nodes in a round robin fashion)
I have completed installing processmaker on 2 nodes separately with itsown set of files. Both instance points to a single mysql database server (clustered).

Is this set up sufficient to load balance the 2 nodes in all aspects?
I've read the page ... er_Backend on Pm wiki, and got confused with the concept of
NFS shared drive set up for some processmaker folders.

Do I need to do the same for my set up also ?
Is there any other simpler alternatives than NFS?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

By deepusundar

An update for this post.

We have managed to install processmaker instances on 2 nodes and which are pointing to the same Database instance.
The 2 nodes are load balanced using BIG IP configuration (single IP which redirects the traffic to 2 nodes on Round Robin algorithm). So far it works well and faced no issues.

By amosbatto
Great. If you have any advice for others about this issue, please post it to help others.
By deepusundar
As I understand our logic was a bit different from what has been documented on the processmaker wiki for load balacning. Instaed of master/slave set up we had two entirely different set up pointing to a clustered db up using a BIG ip url.

This brings in a slightly additional overhead of updating both instances seperately for any chnages of files like emails templates, as in our case. But not a serious thing.

Will keep this thread updated,
regards, Ds
By amosbatto
milanshah wrote: Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:40 am Hello,
I also want to setup processmaker 3.0 on two servers.
Can you help me with configuration, as the load balancing link given in above reply is not available.
That wiki page has been moved to ... ver_Sizing

However, I don't think that page will help you much beyond the general theory. One way to do the load balancing is to set up an Apache reverse proxy, like this: ... -balancer/
By amosbatto
programerboy wrote: Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:50 am How to config "workflow\engine\config\paths_installed.php" for shared folder in share path with two servers?
You can't have two paths in the paths_installed.php file. You can have multiple application servers where the ProcessMaker code is installed, but you can only have one database server and one NAS which holds the /shared/ directory.

If you need to have multiple NAS and multiple database servers, then I recommend separating your processes into different workspaces which are installed on different databases and NAS.

PS: If you only need read-only access to cases, you could set up mirroring to automatically copy databases and NAS files to another server. Nothing that you do on the slave server would get be copied back to the master server, so it should only be used for read-only access.
By amosbatto
programerboy wrote:Can you send an instance of the paths_installed.php file with two application servers and using a shared folder path?
You don't need to edit the paths_installed.php file.

You need a reverse proxy server in Apache or Nginx that will direct the traffic to two application servers. Those two application servers will connect to one MySQL server and to one NAS holding the shared directory.
When installing ProcessMaker on those two application servers, there are options in the Install Wizard to set the location of the shared directory to a NAS in Step 2 and set the ip/domain name of the MySQL server in Step 4.

Make sure to use the grant command in MySQL to accept connections from your application servers. For example:
Code: Select all
grant all on *.* to 'root'@'' identified by '[email protected]' with grant option;
grant all on *.* to 'root'@'' identified by '[email protected]' with grant option;
See: ... figuration

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