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By aamus12345
Hello all,

I've a question regarding integration. I've a Joomla installation with which the user will have to login before a link to a PM's web entry is made available to them. I would have many users logging into Joomla and accessing the form. Would it be possible to transfer/carry their username & password information, in Joomla, into Processmaker??

So that means the task/form for the group "user" would be sent by each specific user (logged in through Joomla).

An administrative user then can access PM normally and process the user's dynaform.

Thank you. :D
I'm not sure because I can't find the tweet anymore... but I would swear that I saw someone tweet something about Joomla and ProcessMaker integration a few days ago. Maybe someone of the PM team knows more?
By aamus12345
I stumbled upon an extension for Joomla! called JFusion ( Quite a nice extension.
Systems integration without any hardcoding. Just the proper plugin n configuration.
But no plugin for Processmaker.

Anyone from the development team interested in this?? Could extend the availability of Processmaker.

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