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By aoligo
Hello, I am having some trouble assigning task to next user. I create a dropdown with the neccessary sql select statement and all the users in that group are shown in the dropdown. But no matter who I select as next user to be assigned, when I click on submit, the next user is the same every time, I have tried to create a trigger, in value base assignment I have put the variable for that field of next users but its also not working!! this is very frustrating!! Please guide me, thanks. :cry:
By OscarBarrientos
HI, can you attach the trigger code?, anyway the trigger must be similar to this:
Code: Select all
 if (@@Amount < 1000)
      $NextUsername = 'annsmith'; //the local manager
      $NextUsername = 'tedjones'; //the regional manager
 #look up the UID for the $NextUsername in ProcessMaker's MySQL database: 
 $query = executeQuery("select USR_UID from USERS where USR_USERNAME='$NextUsername'");
 @@NextUser = $query[1]['USR_UID'];
The code has been extracted from: ... Assignment
If is not working anyway remember that Value Base Assignment is only the method to decide which user will be given authority to work on a task so you have to assign users to the task: ... ser_Groups

You can use Manual Assignment to decide which user will be the next user assigned to the task. ... Assignment
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Please replay if there is any solution!!!!

Task doesnt have any users.

Amosbatto: One more thing if you can help me with.[…]

Just guide me to implement this?