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There is no form[PRO_UID] field in the form. One should use __DynaformName__ field to get the process UID.
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var pro_uid = document.getElementById("__DynaformName__").value.split('_')[0];
There is no form[DYN_UID] field in the form. One should use __DynaformName__ field to get the process UID.
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var dyn_uid = document.getElementById("__DynaformName__").value.split('_')[1];
The value of DynaformRequiredFields should first be decoded by decodeURIComponent before eval, i.e.
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var requiredFields = eval(decodeURIComponent(document.getElementById("DynaformRequiredFields").value));
The version is 2.5.2.
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amosbatto wrote:Thanks for pointing this out. I changed the documentation to an example that should work both when running a case and when using the DynaForm designer.
I'm making a common loadJS in every form that I'll be able to modify the javascript outside of the dynamform designer.
I was using the __DynaformName__, but find that it doesn't work in mobile ui (There's no such a field, __DynaformName__).
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try {
    loadJS(appendV("" + document.getElementById("__DynaformName__").value.split('_')[1] + ".js"));
} catch (err) {
From the wiki, you has changed the form id to getField("field-name")'_')[1], but I'll have to specify the field-name for every single form.
Any other way besides putting a unified dummy hidden field in every form?

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