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By alainb
Hi, Im trying to direct users directly to a Case using an url like this

The page display with the correct informations but no Header or Left section are show

The way I understand the screen is normaly if you login using after login it show the case page who is similar to a page containing 3 frames,
- the top section where it show the header, with the menu and the logout button at the right
- The case section where it show newcase, inbox, unassigned etc
- the main section where the inputform appear

when we use direct link like Case_open we only have the center section, no Header and no case section

is there a way to force them to be present so the user can logoff or do another case if he need to

See images
Normal page with iframe
withframe.jpg (27.32 KiB) Viewed 2107 times
Page without The header and case section
without.jpg (15.22 KiB) Viewed 2107 times
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By alainb
Here a way to visualise on your system what I mean

1- login in your processmaker site

you will arrive at

2- go to the address bar and enter the following url

You will be in your inbox with no header or menu at the left

Im looking for a way to get there but with the header and menu at the left
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