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Hi all,
from 2 - 3 weeks (or maybe more) some of the wiki pages ( are inaccessible, as the browser never finishes loading the full page.

I tried to "surf" to different browsers, but the problem persists.

For example:

I have not found a direct contact of the operator of the wiki, so I write here in the hope that someone has the opportunity to communicate it to him/her.

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Hi macopm,

I'm the person who manages the wiki, thanks for reporting this. You are the first person who are reporting this problem, anyway I'll check the server where our documentation is located, also could you tell me if the sames pages have the problem of loading or it has a random behavior.

Hi macopm,

The IT checked the server where our WIKI is, and we can assure you everything is working fine, so please check your browsers and internet connection, let me know if the problem persists.

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