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Hi there!

I'm currently a PM user, running version 2425.

I'm looking for the upgrade patch to upgrade it to version 2865. I found the 2552 to 2865 patch, but there's no patch(es) to go from 2425 to 2552...

I looked through PM sourceforge's "files", but I cant find anything about version 2425...

Could you please re-publish those upgrade patches? (at least from 2425 to 2552, even going through other intermediate versions).

Thanks in advance.
What happened is that SourceForge moved all the files automatically into an archive without informing anyone at ProcessMaker. We moved all the old files back into a public directory so that you can now download them. They are no longer organized in neat folders like before, but you can at least find the files again. Go to, then click on "ProcessMaker Open Source", then "Old Files".
Hi, i'm new here, first time working with Processmaker and i'm sorry for bumping this old thread. I have downloaded from Sourceforge all the patches needed in order to upgrade a really old but operative ProcessMaker 1.1-2074 installation up to 1.6-4282 (and try to update up to the latest version from there), but i'm still missing the following patches:

o pmos-patch-2063-2111.tar.gz
o pmos-patch-2111-2153.tar.gz

Can someone upload these patches on Sourceforge or point me to some location that i can download them?
Many thanks in advance!
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