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By Phileas
Did sometheing else than RDBMS has been considered in terms of Database support ?
By breale
Yes, we talk about NoSQL quite a lot with the development team. We believe there are places in the product where we could take advantage of some of what engines like MongoDB have to offer - however, in others it will be difficult. Also, the enterprise world is still dominated by MS SQL and Oracle, so we want to begin offering support for these databases first. So, probably no NoSQL anytime soon.
By Phileas
When it will be time for NoSQL, could we do an "agnostic" db API in which we can plug specific db methods ?
explanations : you're interested into mongodb, i'm interested into orientdb (document/graph db).
If the db api is not made specifically for mongodb, it will not be very difficult for me to also plug orientdb and for anyone else to also bring his favorites db packages.
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By amosbatto
Database connections in version 3.0 will be based upon PDO, which is more flexible than Propel, which is used in version 2.0. PDO currently doesn't have drivers for Mongodb, Couchdb and the other NoSQL databases, however it does support OBDC, so it may be possible to query your NoSQL database with PDO>OBDC>DB in the future. However, I doubt that PM will ever use a NoSQL database for its backend. Too much of its data is relational. There are ways to make traditional SQL databases approach the performance of NoSQL databases, but these tricks (such as unlogged tables in PostgreSQL) decrease the reliability of the data, which is important for PM.
By Phileas
amosbatto wrote:Database connections in version 3.0 will be based upon PDO, which is more flexible than Propel, which is used in version 2.0.
Interesting. Do you know Redbeans ? It's a pity it's not more well known, that would tyically answer what i suggested. Where can we submit suggestion tickets ? On the bugtracker ?

For RDBMS performance, we have newsql products like Nuodb, Voltdb and Drizzle. Performance is a good point but that's not the only one
By saraaa
At the moment, is it possible to connect PM to MongoDb database? If the answer is yes, how can I do that?
If the answer is No, how can I integrate PM with that application?
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By amosbatto
You can create a trigger which queries the MongoDB database. See: ... equery.php

If you want to populate the list of options in a dropdown, suggest, checkgroup or radio button, you can create a case variable with an array of options in the trigger and then display it as an array variable in the Dynaform field.

If you want to populate a grid, then you need to set the grid structure in the variable associated with the grid:
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