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By duyvh0309
Hi All,

We have a requirement to avoid duplication of Task number (Which is an text box). To solve this issue i have created a report table by considering Task number as Unique key. I clicked on New Case, and try to provide duplicate Task number and the system has restricted the same, but an error is displayed. It is not allowing me to create a new case , Draft. I am looking for a solution to overcome this.

I am ideally looking for a solution by providing a pop-up message stating 'Task with the entered Task number is already created'. Also, the system should not restrict creating of New case or draft.

Please find below the error displayed by the tool
Unable to execute UPDATE statement. [wrapped: Could not execute update [Native Error: Duplicate entry '8891' for key ' UNIQUE'] [User Info: UPDATE PMT_E2BNEWTABLE SET `TASKNO` = '8891' WHERE PMT_E2BNEWTABLE.APP_UID='118011474569f2b83460817028224164']]

and while clicking on inbox below error page will diaplay


The row '326873779568e5c32ebdcb3038267902, 2' in table AppDelegation doesn't exist!

At AppDelegation->Load()
in C:\Users\vijayalakshmi_m\AppData\Roaming\ProcessMaker-3_0_1_5_community\processmaker\workflow\engine\classes\ line 1173
At Cases->loadCase()
in C:\Users\vijayalakshmi_m\AppData\Roaming\ProcessMaker-3_0_1_5_community\processmaker\workflow\engine\methods\cases\open.php line 135
At require_once() in C:\Users\vijayalakshmi_m\AppData\Roaming\ProcessMaker-3_0_1_5_community\processmaker\workflow\public_html\sysGeneric.php line 1006
At include() in C:\Users\vijayalakshmi_m\AppData\Roaming\ProcessMaker-3_0_1_5_community\processmaker\workflow\public_html\app.php line 61


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