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By erichuff

I want to start a case
1. I build a process
2. when I right click on a task and select properties, the windows open but I can not see the other tabs content, so I can not set user
3. I activate the process
4. when I login to system by an operator user, I can not see any case to complete and run

I have windows 7 with IE and firefox
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By amosbatto
Only one user at a time can login at a time in a web browser. For example, if you are logged in Chrome as the "admin" user and you want to login as the "johndoe" user, then you need to open another web browser program, such as Firefox, and login as user "johndoe".

Login as your "admin" user to edit the process. Right click on the first task in your process in the Designer and select "Assignment Rules" in the dropdown menu and assign a user to the task:
Assign Users To Task.png
Assign Users To Task.png (63.21 KiB) Viewed 3584 times
Then, open another web browser application and login as the user assigned to the first task. Then go to Home > New and you should be able to start a new case in the process.

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