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By gogoalshop
Hi all,

I have a simple two task process. The first contains three dynaforms which the user completes one after the other. After all three are done, a Before Assignment trigger is set to derivate the case to the next user who's associated with the next task. This was working fine last week.

The changes I've made over the last few days include:

- Updating PM to version 2.0.43 from 2.0.42
- Hiding the Next\Previous Step using the hiddenById("DYN_FORWARD"); hiddenById("DYN_FORWARD][bullet");hidden(getField("DYN_BACKWARD").parentNode); code
- Added submit buttons to each Dynaform

The snag is that now every time I create a case, it runs though the three Dynaforms then, instead of passing it on to the second user, the cases always end up in my Draft mailbox. The data held in each of the cases is complete, it's just as though completion of the third dynaform isn't signalling the end of the task and thus running the trigger.

I've tried removing the submit button from the last dynaform then re-enabling the Next Step button but this doesn't solve the problem. Before I revert back to 2.0.42 can anyone advise on what else could be the problem?

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By amosbatto
In your trigger before assignment add a line like this:
@@gotHere = "before assignment";

Then, run your case in Debug Mode and see if the gotHere variable is set to "before assignment". Then you know whether the trigger is executing or not.

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