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By changkaychangkay
@@Application not working.

1. We email the links to the endorser.
2. From the link, the application number is fetched in the trigger
3. @@application is fetched and details of the said request is fetched.

We've transferred everything to another server, now, @@application is not working any more.
The latest request is displayed, rather than the correct one.

Also, I tried to display the app number, and, the latest one is displayed.

Is there any thing wrong? Or is there another way to catch the @@Application number?

Need any help. Thanks!
By amosbatto
You probably need to put the variable names in UPPER-CASE. You can use @@APPLICATION for the case ID or @@APP_NUMBER for the case number of the current case in a trigger. In a email template, you can use @#APPLICATION and @#APP_NUMBER.

If you are querying a database, remember that MySQL field names are case insensitive in Windows, but case sensitive in Linux, so you need to use APP_CACHE_VIEW.APP_NUMBER in Linux.
By changkaychangkay
Hi Amosbatto,

It's still the same.
I even tried diplaying the app number, it fetches another request.
For example, 2 requests are filed. 100 and 101.
When I click the link for 101, the app number displayed is the app number for 100 and the data displayed is also for 100.

I don't know what's really happening, since this has been working in another server.

By amosbatto
If you open two cases at the same time in the same web browser, then your system variables like @@APP_NUMBER will be changed to another case. You should only open one case at a time in a web browser. If you want to open multiple cases, then you should use different web browsers. For example, open one case in Firefox and another case in Chrome.

If that isn't your problem, then post your process (or trigger or template) where you use system variables.

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