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By ivandawidowski
Hi, community! Could you help me?

I get this error message when I try to create a new case:
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Unable to execute INSERT statement. [wrapped: Could not execute update [Native Error: Column 'APP_PRO_TITLE' cannot be null] [User Info: INSERT INTO APP_DELEGATION (`APP_UID`,`DEL_INDEX`,`DEL_PREVIOUS`,`DEL_LAST_INDEX`,`PRO_UID`,`TAS_UID`,`USR_UID`,`DEL_TYPE`,`DEL_THREAD`,`DEL_THREAD_STATUS`,`DEL_PRIORITY`,`DEL_DELEGATE_DATE`,`DEL_INIT_DATE`,`DEL_TASK_DUE_DATE`,`DEL_DATA`) VALUES ('71077888354f5bc8420a011091267392',1,0,1,'62689437854ef759611b7c9085605204','72315363354ef7f9b72d123019593552','62329997754da4631cfbbf3006319410','NORMAL',1,'OPEN','3','2015-03-03 08:52:04','2015-03-03 08:52:04','2015-03-03 19:00:00','')]]
I get this error no matter what process I choose, and no matther which user is logged on (even admin user).

If you think more information is needed, just let me know.


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By liliana

In this case you have to build cache, go to Admin > Settings > Case List Cache Builder and click on build cache, then go and try to create a case it will be created without any problems.


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