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By gbalbach
Hello everyone, we are working on an expense approval workflow - we are looking for a way where the person starting the workflow can scan in a stack of documents in a batch/all at once, then when they start the expense approval workflow they would somehow split out the scans into individual files and put the appropriate ones with the correct expense approval requests. The idea is to help the person starting the workflows to save time scanning a batch vs a couple of forms at a time.

Has anyone had any luck with scanners and any sort of software to help with this?
By rundyz
Hi you have an interesting issue there,

if this is an input document you would definitely need to get a link to the pdf from the database, ... n_Triggers

using a custom trigger you could manipulate the pdf, but perhaps need more tools (linux) see the suggestions on this page ... ngle-pages

The problem then is still how to return those output files back to processmaker database and replace the original input file.
not sure on that part, perhaps sniff around the web services for features ... _Documents

I still think there are major considerations on processing time or it could be that you make another page that performs the job,
that is upload the PDF to be split, then that page calls processmaker with web services and does uploads the input documents to the case,
this would prevent messing with PM's files and risking opening a security hole or putting too much processing burden on your PM Server.

Hope this helps, I think it's definitely achievable
By stind1970

I need to scan a pile of documents (bills, receipts, etc) and convert them to PDF for ... The batch sequence in the example has more details.
By denny22

I have a project in my office and for the project, I'm looking for any document scanning service provider. I want scanning services for a long time. I have searched a lot but can't find any good scanning services. If anyone has any idea about that then please tell me. I really this a lot, please help me with this.
Thank you!
By dipolediamond

You can check out our scanning plugin

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