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I have such a situation that i need to determine an upper limit for GridForms.

The reason for that is i want to be able to find cases in long term,
For ex. i have a personel request form ,and i need to request 20 personnel at once in same dynaform inside a process.
Here is the problem, it will be almost impossible to reach that case after 2 months (to see the situation of one personnel etc)

in consequence i need to determine the upper limit of the grid rows Or I need to find a way to search (reach) that case according the personnel names after few months it starts.

Any Idea ?
I think you have reached the limitation of the MySQL field rather than the number of rows.

With the latest version of PM (2552), the User field in the MySQL database is "medium text", and the size of the user field is about 600 KBytes.

iIn this field (APP_DATA), yu'll find all the fields of your form, plus all the variables "@@" used in yout triggers.
So, imagine you have a variable "@@MyVariable" which collect the result of a query with you 20 persons, you store all this result in your field, and you have an overflow.

To avoid this problem, use standard PHP variables i.e "$MyVariable" instead of "@@MyVariable".
The data from a case is stored in the WF_WORKFLOW.APPLICATION.APP_DATA field, which as atissot noted is a MySQL mediumtext field. It can hold 16MB (2^24 bytes) of data. You probably won't run into the upper limits in most cases. Even if you enter a Input Document for every entry in the grid, those are stored in a separate table with just a reference to the document.

However, to be safe, you could write a trigger with the following code:
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//If you want to debug this, uncomment the following line and activate Debug mode to see its contents when running a case:
//@@debugQuery = $query;

//error check to make sure you get a valid response
if (is_array($query) && len($query) >= 1)
     $caseLen = $query[1]['CASE_LEN'];
     @@CaseLength = $caseLen; //assign to a case variable for use in the email template

     if ($caseLen > 15 * 1024 * 1024);  //if greater than 15MB
          @@CaseNo =  $query[1]['APP_NUMBER'];
          @@CaseCreated = $query[1]['APP_CREATE_DATE'];
          @@CaseUpdated = $query[1]['APP_UPDATE_DATE'];
           # Note that you need to have configured ProcessMaker to send email in ADMIN > EMAIL
           PMFSendMessage(@@APPLICATION, "", "", "", "", 
                  "Warning: Approaching space limits for case", "OverflowWarningTemplate.txt");

Then create an email template named "OverflowWarningTemplate.txt". See: ... ifications

Put the following text in the template:
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Warning: Case @@CaseNo is currently using @@CaseLength bytes of data. The maximum is 16MB (2^24 bytes). 
To avoid problems do not add more data to the case.

Case No: @@CaseNo
Case Created: @@CaseCreated
Case Updated: @@CaseUpdated
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