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I've been thinking on a solution to reuse existing case data into a new case.

For this example we generally collect specifications and client information throughout the course of a process. Then wanting to reuse that data without re-entering would be an advantage, there would be only minimal changes to loaded case info, new dates, some other minor variation.

At this point I'd try to use a simple dynaform and a new task for the existing process that accepts the case number to clone then use a trigger to collect the JSON data from the workflow table and either
1: update the current case record in the workflow table with the data (overwriting any existing info)
2: manually trying to assign/parse the loaded case variables within the trigger to the current case

I think the first option would take less work and is likely to work, i think that most the other data about the case (dates/users/case history) are stored elsewhere and would just be blank while the case is routed throughout the rest of the process.

Any thoughts?
Retrieving information from an existing case is very complicated. All the information of one Dynaform is stored in 1 field. For this reason it is not recommended. I would suggest you create a report table of PMTable and store the data there. Once it is stored it is very easy to pull the data from this tables.

Best Regards
Victor M Larrea
turns out this is easy

first setup a dynaform with a suggest field as such
Code: Select all
  <prevcase type="suggest" hint="Start typing the previous case" size="45" mode="edit" sqlconnection="workflow" maxresults="16" shownoresults="1" primary_key_type="0"><![CDATA[SELECT  DISTINCT APP_NUMBER , APP_TITLE, CONCAT( APP_TITLE, ' ', APP_NUMBER) from APP_CACHE_VIEW     ]]><en>Previous Case</en></prevcase>
add a button that uses the saveAndRefreshForm, this way you can display some of the results on the current dynaform so the user knows they have the right case, I also added a test field runtrigger so that I only run the load when the user clicks to load and if they make changes they aren't overwritten
Code: Select all
  <refresh_data type="button" onclick="changeValue("runtrigger","true"); saveAndRefreshForm(this);">
    <en>Load Data</en>
then attach a trigger to execute after the dynaform is submit
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if (@@runtrigger == "true") {
	$caseNo = @@prevcase;      //lookup the case number for the case in the Case list
	$result = executeQuery("SELECT APP_UID FROM APPLICATION WHERE APP_NUMBER='$caseNo'");
	$caseUID = $result[1]['APP_UID'];

	$oCase = new Cases();                //Create a Cases object
	$aCase = $oCase->loadCase($caseUID); //Load case
	$aVariables = $aCase['APP_DATA'];    //Get the variables for that case 

	@@product = $aVariables['product'];

	$tot = count(@=product);
	for ($cnt = 1; $cnt <= $tot; $cnt++) {
		@=product[$cnt]['product_repeat'] = true;
		@=product[$cnt]['product_repeat_order'] = @=product[$cnt]['product_order_number'];
		@=product[$cnt]['product_order_number'] = null;
		// set nulls to 0
		@=product[$cnt]['product_quantity'] 		= @=product[$cnt]['product_quantity'] ?: 0;
		@=product[$cnt]['product_quantity_2'] 		= @=product[$cnt]['product_quantity_2'] ?: 0;
		@=product[$cnt]['product_cost_foreign'] 	= @=product[$cnt]['product_cost_foreign'] ?: 0;
		@=product[$cnt]['product_cost_foreign_2'] 	= @=product[$cnt]['product_cost_foreign_2'] ?: 0;
		@=product[$cnt]['sample_cost_foreign'] 		= @=product[$cnt]['sample_cost_foreign'] ?: 0;
		// reset old totals and required date
		@=product[$cnt]['product_sell_total'] = null;
		@=product[$cnt]['product_cost_total'] = null;
		@=product[$cnt]['product_margin_local'] = null;
		@=product[$cnt]['date_required'] = null;
  	@@runtrigger = "false";
Remember to turn off the field that enables the trigger,
I had a grid in mine so I loop through it and clean some of the fields, eg had a lot of null entries, changed them to '0' :)

further to this I plan to use the conditional setup for the trigger so I can reuse the 'runtrigger' variable in other places where I need to conditionally run triggers.
Hello rundyz,

Great to see your reply and solution, I too was searching for the same.
I was thinking like, is it possible to recall the data from earlier case directly into current dynaforms as whole instead of setting one data at a time. Since I have many dyanforms with me and too many fields, its a tedious job to load each field individually.

So lets say something like a default trigger will run which will load the complete case when I set some default APP_UID (or any id) before executing the case.

Can you / anyone help me in implementing this.

Thanks in advance.
Hello rundyz,

Really nice to see your quick reply.
My requirement actually is exactly loading all the old APP_DATA from earlier customer's case, and then in one of the many dynaforms I need to change one single amount, that's it, so I need to load the old case as it is.

I am actually new to processmaker, and I tried setting APP_DATA directly into the current case using a before - trigger, but was not able to do it. Can you please guide me on this, on how exactly the whole APP_DATA colum data can be set in dynaform.
Hi Sure, glad to assist.

using the information in my earlier post you'll need a dynaform that lets you select a previous case.
Then using that previous case number in a trigger that fires after the dynaform is submit
Code: Select all
   $caseNo = @@prevcase;      //lookup the case number for the case in the Case list
   $result = executeQuery("SELECT APP_UID FROM APPLICATION WHERE APP_NUMBER='$caseNo'");
   $caseUID = $result[1]['APP_UID'];

   $oCase = new Cases();                //Create a Cases object
   $aCase = $oCase->loadCase($caseUID); //Load case
   $aVariables = $aCase['APP_DATA'];    //Get the variables for that case 
after the trigger $aVariables contains the entire APP_DATA
then you would need to set the current case's APP_DATA to $aVariables
Code: Select all
$_SESSION["APP_DATA"] = $aVariables;
Hope that this helps, there is also good information in the wiki ... le_Storage
Hi there !!!
I'm pretty new to Processmaker and it's Dynaform.
I have the same requirement mentioned earlier in this post, anyway I have no idea how to start.
Is that possible you can share an example in .pmx file?
Thank you

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