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Thank you Amosbattos. The error message is gone however I have noticed one other problem. I tried to post a reply twice but it never showed up which is why I am starting this as a new topic. One of my query pulls dates and I am trying to assign it to a php array using the method below:

@@sql2 = "SELECT startdate FROM rent";
$result = executeQuery(@@sql2, "2892121264e5f8a6999d3d0092234115");

if (is_array($result))
$rent = array():
foreach ($result as $row)
$rent = $row['name'];

However the array is treating each number in the date field as a seperate value instead of treating each date as a whole value:

E.g. I am getting

$arr[0] = 2;
$arr[1] = 0;
$arr[2] = 1;
$arr[3] = 1;
$arr[4] = -;
$arr[5] = 0;
$arr[6] = 9;

instead of getting the result:

$arr[1] = '2011-09-18';
$arr[2] = '2011-10-07';

Any advice on how to get this result?
Two problems. You need to use square brackets to append new records to the existing $rent array. Also, you are not referencing a field returned by your query. You need to use:
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$rent[] = $row['startdate'];
The complete code should be:
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@@sql2 = "SELECT startdate FROM rent";
$result = executeQuery(@@sql2, "2892121264e5f8a6999d3d0092234115");
if (is_array($result)) {
   $rent = array():
   foreach ($result as $row)
      $rent[] = $row['startdate'];
If you still can't figure it out, it helps to assign $result to a case variable so you can examine what is returned in the trigger debugger.

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I would, first of all, save yourself a nested query by doing the first query as:
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$result = mysql_query("select Date, min(Speed) as Min_spd, max (Speed) as Max_spd, avg(Speed) as Avg_spd from ... group by Date")
And then create a running total for the sums as you're looping through each row:

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
    echo row['Min_spd'];
    echo row['Max_spd'];
    echo row['Avg_spd'];

    $sumMinSpeeds += $row['Min_spd'];
    $sumMinSpeeds += $row['Max_spd'];
    $sumMinSpeeds += $row['Avg_spd'];

echo $sumMinSpeeds;
echo $sumMaxSpeeds;
echo $sumAvgSpeeds;

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