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By minhvoice

i created a new menu according to my process and want to modified advanced search according to my fields

i want to apply filter on my custom fields as i build a new dynaform for advanced search with my custom fields and wanted to fetch data from db

how i fetch data from db and which files to be modified according to my filter

thanks in advance
By amosbatto
If you want to modify advanced search, you can modify the code of the Applications::getAll() function defined in workflow/engine/classes/class.applications.php.

Look in the code where $search is used.

To do a query in the database, you can use this code:
Code: Select all
$g = new G()

//set to the ID of your database connection if using an external database
$db = '1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef';
$aRows = executeQuery("SELECT FIELD1, FIELD2 FROM TABLEX", $db);
if (count($aRows) >= 1) {
   $x = $aRows[1]['FIELD1'];
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