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Hi PM Experts,

I don't know if this inquiry has already been raised but I have a situation that I need to show/hide a column grid based on the selected item on the master form. If type of request is [Rent] the column grid [Price per Year] must show. I'm able to do show/hide column grid if the field is part of the grid but when it is dependent on master form I have difficulty implementing it.

Thanks, in advance. :)
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First of all, have you read this? ... rid_column

The JavaScript code would be something like this:
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function showOrHideColumn(gridName, fieldName, request) {
   var colNo = getGridField(gridName, 1, fieldName).parentNode.cellIndex;
   rows = document.getElementById(gridName).rows;
   for (i=0; i < rows.length; i ++) {
      if (request == 'Rent') {
         rows[i].cells[colNo].style.display = "";
      } else {
         rows[i].cells[colNo].style.display= "none";

//call when DynaForm loads:
showOrHideColumn('productsGrid', 'pricePerYear', getField('typeOfRequest').value); 

getField('typeOfRequest').onchange = function() {
   showOrHideColumn('productsGrid', 'pricePerYear', getField('typeOfRequest').value);
Where the name of the grid is "productsGrid", the name of the grid field is "pricePerYear" and the name of the dropdown field is "typeOfRequest" and one of the values in its list of options is "Rent".

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