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Hi everyone,

Is there anyone who could help me with this , "Suggest Not Working for External SQL Database" ?

I have tried to use the Dropdown List to populate data from the external SQL database which is successful, however when I use the Suggest Field, it just did not work.


I need some helps or suggestions.

I can't find the bug report, but the phrase "Suggest Not Working for External SQL Database" no longer exists in the PM source code, so presumably it was fixed. Are you not able to get Suggest boxes to work with an MSSQL database?
erpnedir wrote:Yes, just like cosyxu, a suggest control cannot get data from an external MSSQL database while a dropdown with the same connection and query works.

Good morning erpnedir,

This bug has been fixed within Are you currently using this version? :shock:

Sewar91 wrote:I am using PM version 3.2.1 and I read all information about the data source for the dropdown list, but till now I can't get any data from my external data base ... so what about this problem ???
any suggestion please
What is your external database and its version number?

Edit your workflow/engine/config/env.ini file and add the following two lines:
Code: Select all
debug = 1
debug_sql = 1
Then, in ProcessMaker do the same action to generate any error messages in the log files. Then, post your workflow/public_html/php_errors.log, shared/log/propel.log and shared/log/queriesWithErrors.log files.

Also turn on Debug Mode in the process properties and check whether you see any error message in the __ERROR__ system variable.

Also press F12 in Firefox or Chrome and then click on the Console tab and do the same action to see if you see any JavaScript errors.

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