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By Vysakh
Hi ,
I just upgraded my PM 3.2.1 to PM 3.5.7. But after the upgrade I noticed that sql property of textboxes is not working in some Dynaforms. It was working fine in 3.2.1. Also some cases are getting properly assigned to the next user. The case just disappears but can find the case in participated as it is in your inbox. But it is not in the inbox. In this case we are getting an error in __ERROR__ variable. Please see the error below.

The "Symfony\Component\Debug\Exception\FatalErrorException" class is deprecated since Symfony 4.4, use "Symfony\Component\ErrorHandler\Error\FatalError" instead.

MYSQL Version 5.7
PHP Version 7.3
I've had cases disappear from the inbox before. They could still be seen in participated just as you've described. I believe in my situations it was caused by an error in some trigger code being executed in the Routing section. Could you be having a similar issue? Have you checked the processmaker logs in shared/sites/workflow/log?

In order to fix my cases I had to manually reassign the case to the previous user by modifying APP_DELEGATION and APP_CACHE_VIEW. Deleting them is easier and safer though...
By Vysakh
@JonathanMiller Case disappearing issue was solved by changing the triggers location. I changed the triggers location to after dynaform from after routing. But SQL issue still there. But SQL is working fine on a Dynaform and it is not working on the other. Anyone knows the solution ?

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