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In the installation instructions PM 3 indicate to the Downgrading A php 5.3. Try to install and gives error. How do I make a Downgrading to PHP 5.4 as the stack is shown that supports PHP 5.4.

The version 2.8 also supports PHP 5.4? I am trying to install both versions of PM on the same server.

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The easiest way to install 2.8.0 and on same server is to use two different port numbers, or you can alter your DNS to have two different subdomains, such as and See the instructions for multiple installations on the same machine.

If you want to install both, you will need to install PHP 5.5.33 or PHP 5.5.34. PM 2.8.0 hasn't been throughly tested on PHP 5.5.X, but there are no known bugs running it in PHP 5.5.X. Also see this: ... 53#p785453

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