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By Kamil123
Hello everyone,
I want to give users ability to change their password by himself,
I had edited the default role and added the PM_EditePersonalInfo Permission, to enable users from changing the password!
but I discovered that the user now can edit their Names! and I dont want to allow them to do that, So what is the best way to do that?
Can I edit the PHP source code and make the name's field is Read Only field?
If yes, which file name I have to Edit?
I'm using V 2.8 edition
By dlynch
Have you looked into syncing to active directory? That way, when they change the PW on AD, it will update processmaker as well. The other option would be to enable "forgot Password" in the settings.
By Kamil123
Hi dlynch,
Finally find someone interact with me, Thank you.
Actually I'm using ProcessMaker as standalone application and no linking with Active Directory, I Only want to prevent them from changing their First and Last Name, but in vain :(
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By erpnedir
Hi Kamil,
How about creating a one step process and adding a simple form including just the new password?
You can update the USERS table with a trigger. Keep in mind that the pass should be md5 hashed.
Helo Kamil,

I already have this code implemented in my environment, this is the code where you can configure it, this change will affect the code in ProcessMaker:
1. Go to processmaker/workflow/engine/templates/users/
2. Open users.js
3. Add this code inside the function "disableAndReadOnly(idElement)"
- Ext.getCmp("USR_FIRSTNAME").disable();
4. Save it
5. Clean ProcessMaker cache and the browser, too.
6. Open the user edit window

Here you can check that your first field is disabled. Hope i help you.

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