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By talbech
Hi all,

Having issues using the installer to a remote MySQL server. Trying to connect even with 'root' fails with:
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Connection Error: unable to connect to MySQL using provided credentials.
Connection from command line to the MySQL server as root works fine.
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mysql -u root -p --host [hostname]
Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
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By mjaenvar
Hi Talbech,

to try to connect to a remote mysql server you have to edit the db.php and you can find it in the next path:

// Processmaker configuration
define ('DB_ADAPTER', 'mysql' );
define ('DB_HOST', 'your_ip_address of your mysql server' );
define ('DB_NAME', 'wf_workflow' );
define ('DB_USER', 'root' );
define ('DB_PASS', 'the root password of root of mysql' );
define ('DB_RBAC_HOST', 'your_ip_address of your mysql server' );
define ('DB_RBAC_NAME', 'rb_workflow' );
define ('DB_RBAC_USER', 'root' );
define ('DB_RBAC_PASS', 'the root password of root of mysql' );
define ('DB_REPORT_HOST', 'your_ip_address of your mysql server' );
define ('DB_REPORT_NAME', 'rp_workflow' );
define ('DB_REPORT_USER', 'root' );
define ('DB_REPORT_PASS', 'the root password of root of mysql' );

and change:

your_ip_address of your mysql server
the root password of root of mysql

Tell me if that works for you

Best Regards
By talbech
Thanks for your reply. You assume that I have already installed ProcessMaker and therefore can modify the db.php, correct?
I have actually not even gotten that far, since the installation process seems to support remote MySQL instance, but it just doesn't work. Having a local MySQL is an option, but we do have a fairly large MySQL cluster available, which would be nice to utilize.

Guess I could install a MySQL on the PM host during the install and then remove it once the remote MySQL host is configured. Is this this approach you would recommend?

Seems rather strange that the installation process support remote MySQL, but it isn't working. I cannot be the only one with this problem.

Thanks in advance
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By mjaenvar
Hello talbech,

Yes I assumed that you already have installed ProcessMaker and you wanted to migrate the database to another server.

you can configure the database in the installation of ProcessMaker: ... tion_Setup

here in the setup you can edit the database in host you put the name or ip of your database server.
in username the root or an user with root privileges in Mysql.
password: the password of that user.

if the setup doesn't work then install mysql in the same server of ProcessMaker and when is already set then change the data of db.php with the other database server information, that is my recommendation

Tell me if that works for you


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