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I've just done a test installation of PMOS (from sourceforge tarball, latest version so 3.0.1) on a debian wheezy box, eg PHP 5.4.45 and MySQL 5.5.44.

Installaton go flawlessy but at the last screens seems to ''stall'' (without error on screen and on logs).

If i stop and reload the browser on main page, i got the login screen, but after login i get a php warning (this also on apache errorlog):
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Warning: array_pop() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given in /srv/processmaker/processmaker/gulliver/thirdparty/creole/Creole.php on line 314
and after that an error page:
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System Exception.

 [wrapped: No driver has been registered to handle connection type: ]

  1. At Propel::getConnection()
    in /srv/processmaker/processmaker/workflow/engine/classes/model/om/BaseTranslationPeer.php line 275
  2. At BaseTranslationPeer::doSelectRS()
    in /srv/processmaker/processmaker/workflow/engine/classes/model/om/BaseTranslationPeer.php line 256
  3. At BaseTranslationPeer::doSelect()
    in /srv/processmaker/processmaker/workflow/engine/classes/model/Translation.php line 151
  4. At Translation->generateFileTranslation()
    in /srv/processmaker/processmaker/workflow/public_html/sysGeneric.php line 706
  5. At include() in /srv/processmaker/processmaker/workflow/public_html/app.php line 61
Looking at google for 'No driver has been registered to handle connection type' lead me to some result, but seems not related to PM...

What i'm doing wrong? Thanks.
After digging into their source code, I found that my problem caused by special character in MySQL password.

Let say the password is "root!@#". This cause the initial checkup PASS. But when the system try to POST the password to complete the installation, its broke.

So I change to "root" and problem solved.
Zora99, can you provide more information?
PM Version? Manual or Bitnami Install? Operating system? PHP version if manual install?
When exactly do you see the error message and is the error the exact same as posted above? Does it always occur or only in certain circumstances?
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