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By mat1cl
Hi Processmaker Team,

after upgrading from 2.0.45 to 2.5.0 (with the normal procedures explained on your website), i realized that some folder "Funcions" that i have in the public Folder , are not available.

For example:
In the version 2.0.45 i CAN use: http://localhost/Functions/MasterAuxFunctions.php

In the version 2.5.0 i CAN NOT use: http://localhost/Functions/MasterAuxFunctions.php

I'm using some of this general functions in the DynaForms but now i have errors because it is not possible in this version to use access to a "Functions" folder.

Could you give a tip what was changed to not allow me to access the files in my folder. This is because i dont want to change all references in my workflows definitions in order to make it work, and also some external applications that uses this folder.

All help will be apreciated.

I installed even new version (clean) of 2.5.0 instead of upgrade but still nothing.

Thanks in advance.
I checked the source code of ProcessMaker 2.0.45 Community and MasterAuxFunctions.php does not exist. Did you install a plugin? If so, then you need to reinstall that plugin in PM 2.5. If this was custom code that you added, then you probably need to manually copy the file from your 2.0.45 code to your 2.5 code.

PS: If you want a public folder, then see: ... es_Manager
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