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By eventoteam
Respected Team,

I'm facing some issue in soap call.
Error message : Unable to connect to ProcessMaker. Error Number: 2 Error Message: User does not have rights to enter the system. object(stdClass)#3 (4) { ["status_code"]=> int(2) ["message"]=> string(46) "User does not have rights to enter the system." ["version"]=> string(3) "2.0" ["timestamp"]=> string(19) "2018-02-01 16:38:47" }

Can you please help me out how to fix it?
However i have run login test and it give status code = 0.
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By amosbatto
The user needs to have the PM_LOGIN permission in his/her role in order to be able to login with web services.
If that isn't the problem, then post your PHP code and I will look at it.
By eventoteam
User has Administrator role also PM_login is mapped against the user.

Code of Soapcall_config.php

//Server configuration file
include "server_config.php";
ini_set("soap.wsdl_cache_enabled", "0");
ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL);
ini_set('display_errors', True);
// Soap Call function, This will be verifying credentials
$client = new SoapClient('http://'.$AppServerIP.'/sysworkflow/en/green/services/wsdl2');

Login php file.
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By amosbatto
What version of MySQL are you using? If your passwords are stored as 64 character hashes, then you need to use SHA256:
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$md5pass='md5:'. hash('sha256', $_POST['password']);
See: ... e_Database

I don't see your code to connect to the PM web services URL. I assume that you have a line like this in one of the files you included:
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$client = new SoapClient(''); 
Your way of passing the parameters to the login web service is bizarre and I'm not sure if it works. Have you tried the way listed on the wiki?
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$params = array(array('userid'=>$username, 'password'=>$md5pass));
$result = $client->__SoapCall('login', $params);
By eventoteam
Currently, we are using 5.5.32 version of mysql and 1.245 version of PM.

For passing the parameter, I had taken reference from one of the post of forum.

This code has worked for me.
$params = array(array('userid'=>$username, 'password'=>$md5pass));
$result = $client->__SoapCall('login', $params);

Thank You for your support once again :)
By amosbatto
Wow, I haven't used PM version 1.2 in over 6 years. Do you see any problems using it in modern web browsers?
By eventoteam
LOL :D Our company is using it since, i guess 2010 or so.
It works fine, but there are few limitations i.e Dynaform editor only works in FireFox mozilla.
I have planned to upgrade it as soon as possible, as the newer version has bugs fixed and new features included.

It's always critical situation for us to perform changes in this version as there's no documentation of Verison 1.245 available atm.

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