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We have been experiencing slowness in terms of running default built-in ProcessMaker quires.

Our environment setup/config is below:

OS: CentOS 7.2.1511
Web server: Apache 2.4.6
DB server: Mysql CGE (NDB cluster 7.4.11)

RAM : 16 GB for each web and DB server.
CPU: 8 cores

About 200 users running processes at the peak time. We are noticing slow query especially from APP_CACHE_VIEW.

We have been thinking to deploy the DB in MySQl percona with XtraDB engine, but not sure whether that would be suitable for ProcessMaker to smoothly.

Appreciate some constructive feedback and recommendations/suggestions to overcome the slowness.

Thank you everyone.
When the web server is slow, is all the RAM being used? 16GB is probably too little for the web server with 200 concurrent users. What percentage of your CPU is being used with 8 cores?

Another thing you can do is install multiple web servers. Here is the basic idea: ... rse-proxy/

The Enterprise version is optimized for faster display of case lists and for large numbers of cases. You should call/email ProcessMaker Sales and ask for a trial license to see if using the Enterprise version will speed up your installation.
I don't think that anyone here at ProcessMaker, Inc. has tested the XtraDB engine, but I don't talk much to the Dev team. If you test it, please let us know the results of your tests.

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