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Clicking on the Previous Step link in the upper left-hand corner of a DynaForm will redirect to the previous step (DynaForm, Input Document or Output Document) in the same task, but it will NOT save the form's contents. Note that the Previous Step link will not appear if the DynaForm is the first step in the task (since there is no previous steps).

Clicking on the Next Step link in the upper right-hand corner of a DynaForm will redirect to the next step and will also save the contents of the form. It is the same action as clicking on a submit button.

If wishing to prevent users from using the Previous Step and Next Step links, then it is recommended to hide them using JavaScript. The following JavaScript code will hide the Previous Step link and its associated bullet graphic:
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Likewise, the Next Step link and its forward bullet can be hidden with the following code:
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If needing the Previous Step link to save the current contents of the DynaForm before redirecting to the previous step, then add a click event handler to the dyn_backward link, like this:
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$("#dyn_backward").click(function() {
It is also possible to use the click method to redirect to the previous or next step in the task. The following code will direct the web browser to the previous step when a button with the ID "goBack" is clicked:
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$("#goBack").click(function() {
Likewise, the following JavaScript code uses setOnchange() to create an event handler that redirects to the next step when the user selects the option "more_work" in a dropdown with the ID "selectJob":
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$("#selectJob").setOnchange( function(newVal, oldVal) {
  if (newVal == 'more_work') {
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