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By aldopaee
ImageI have the following users
User 1
User 2
User 3
User 4
Create Dept1 with the following users
User 2 Manager
User 3
User 4

How to make User 1 Manager to User 2 ??

User 1------------> Super
User 2------------> User1
User 3------------>User2
User 4------------>User2
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By aldopaee
Thank you my friend for the reply ..
My problem is that some users admins to more than one dept at the same time

Can I edit the manager from the user control panel? How do I show the manager field as in the picture
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By amosbatto
Users can only be members of one department. You can consolidate your Departments so that all users are only in one department.

Another option is to use Value Based Assignment in place of the Reports To assignment rule. Create a PM Table that holds the department information and then use executeQuery() in triggers to look up who the current @@USER_LOGGED reports to in the PM Table and then assign the ID of that user to the variable used by Value Based Assignment.
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