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By fredericb

i trie to update a google sheet with a PHP trigger :
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$ss_id ="1ddgkZLlCk22XAKpMExL4e1x6EGbc0rWRpyIeuhULlEg";	
$ss_range = "A2";
$overWriteParameters = [];
$pathParameters = [
    "spreadsheetId" => $ss_id ,
	"range" => $ss_range,
$queryParameters = [];
$requestBody =json_encode(array("values"=>array(array(10))));
$r = executeRestConnector('updateSheet', $overWriteParameters, $pathParameters, $queryParameters, $requestBody);

@@var_SS_Result = $requestBody;	
@@var_SS_Result .= $r->{'message'}->{'values'};
@@var_SS_Result .= $r->{'message'};	

i get allways the same error :
Client error: `PUT https://sheets.googleapis.com/v4/spread ... Option=RAW` resulted in a `400 Bad Request` response:
"error": {
"code": 400,
"message": "Invalid JSON payload received. Unknown name \"\": Root element must be a (truncated...)

i have tried to change every possibilty in $requestBody .. but nothing correct
Do you some idea ?
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By amosbatto
Can you get other Google Sheets endpoints to work? Is it only that one where you have the problem or is it every sheets.googleapis.com/v4/spreadsheets/ endpoint?

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