Export Grid Data and Generate Excel File

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Export Grid Data and Generate Excel File

Unread postby salman1538 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:41 am


I have Grid data and I need to generate excel sheet and send this sheet as email attachment using PMFSendMessage?

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Re: Export Grid Data and Generate Excel File

Unread postby amosbatto » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:59 pm

You can create a CSV file which Excel can import. Take this code and adapt it:

Here would be the adapted code:

Code: Select all

if (isset(@=productsList) and is_array(@=productsList) and count(@=productsList)) {
$aCsv = array();
//set the first row in the CSV file to the IDs of the grid fields
$aColumnHeaders array_keys(@=productsList[1]);
$line '';
   foreach (
$aColumnHeaders as $fieldId) {
$line .= (empty($line) ? '' ';') . $fieldId;
$aCsv[] = $line;
//set each data row in CSV file:
foreach (@=productsList as $aRow) {
$line '';
           foreach (
$aColumnHeaders as $fieldId) {
$val $aRow[$fieldId];
         if (
is_array($val) or is_object($val)) {
$val json_encode($val);
//sanitize CSV data to handle double quotation marks, commas, semicolons,
         //spaces and new lines
$val str_replace('"''""'$val);
           if (
preg_match('/[,;"\n\r]/'$val) or trim($val) != $val) {
$val '"' $val '"';
$line .= (empty($line) ? '' ';') . $val;
$aCsv[] = $line;
//create a temporary output file:
$path tempnam(sys_get_temp_dir(), "products_") . ".csv";
$aAttachFiles = array(
"products.csv" => $path
$usr userInfo(@@USER_LOGGED);
PMFSendMessage(@@APPLICATION'[email protected]'$usr['mail'], '''',
'Company Information''companyInfoTemplate.html', array(), $aAttachFiles); 
unlink($filename); //delete temporary CSV file
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