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Utilizando la opción Custom Actions o Using a Field to Generate Actions Links deberá llegar un correo a N usuarios para la aprobación de un documento que se mostrará en el cuerpo de correo, en el cual al final tendrá dos botones APROBAR y RECHAZAR, el caso debe seguir cuando los N usuarios hayan dado al botón APROBAR, con 1 que dé al Botón RECHAZAR el caso debe dirigirse a la tarea anterior para hacer la corrección.

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You can use Actions by Email is a feature available in the ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition.

This feature allows users to receive an email where they can send information to ProcessMaker cases and also route those cases onto the next task in the process.

The email can contain a link to a form stored on the ProcessMaker server to be filled out and submitted, a group of links that can be clicked to accept or reject information in the email, or multiple different options customized by the designer.

You can review the following link for more information:

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