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I have been tasked with allowing users to view the dynaform of a completed cased from the Simplified (mobile) theme in ProcessMaker 2.8 from an iPhone or iPad. On the desktop (neoclassic) theme, I have it set that when you click Summary it displays the main dynaform from the process instead of the summary screen. On mobile for completed cases under Advanced Search, when you click on the case it opens the summary. I would like it to open the dynaform instead.

If you open processmaker on iOS and switch to Neoclassic theme, then tap summary on a case, it brings up the dynaform in a window with a button that gives you the option to open the dynaform in a new tab. My thought was to try to bring that code over to the simplified mobile theme. According to this wiki article ... ied_Layout I should be able to edit the HTML files in /workflow/engine/skinEngine/simplified/templates/ and that will change the theme. They point out you need to go to Settings and Clear the cache.

I tried adding some code to /workflow/engine/skinEngine/simplified/templates/applications.html, cleared the PM cache, cleared my browser cache, I even rebooted my Dev server just to be safe, and my edits seem to have no effect. When I view the page source, there is no sign of the HTML or Javascript that I edit. I tried editing login_standard.html just to test editing some basic HTML and it doesn't change text on the login page at all. My plan was to copy the Javascript
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function var openSummaryWindow = function(appUid, delIndex, action) ...
from main.js into index.html under simplified then call that function with a button that I would add to applications.html, something like this I believe
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<a href="#" onclick="openSummaryWindow('{$APP.APP_UID}', '{$APP.DEL_INDEX}', action);">
Am I misunderstanding how this works? Is there some PHP somewhere that I should be editing instead.

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You are right. Changes in the workflow/engine/simplified directory are not being used by the Simplified UX.

The only way I was able to make changes to the skin was to edit the files in the workflow/engine/templates/home/ directory. For now use that directory. I will file a bug report about this.

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