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Hi, i am not sure what is your specific issue, but by default, a login session will automatically logout after 24 minutes of inactivity.

You can change this editing the php.ini file and changing the following line:

session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440 --- the time is in seconds, so you need to change the time in seconds after that you must restart the apache server.
If you have not interacted with the ProcessMaker application in 120 minutes (two hours), ProcessMaker warns you that your log on session is almost expired. If your log on session expires, you will lose any unsaved work that may include any of the following: Information that you started entering into a Task but did not submit (thereby completing the Task) is lost. Any Process model changes that you made since the last time you saved the model are lost. Any ProcessMaker Script changes that you made since the last time you saved the Script are lost. Any ProcessMaker Screen changes that you made since the last time you saved the Screen are lost. Any ProcessMaker user account or group changes you made but have not yet saved are lost.
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