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By medoman
hello All
its the first time for me using the grid option
i created a grid already and i need to programm the grid as the attached picture
please help me as i cant do anything with it
i want to set the (Levels) colums as the image (the blue fields means disable at some levels ) and the numbers in the enabeld fields are the max amount that can be entered in this field
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By johnwade
Grid Computing can be defined as a network of computers working together to perform a task that would rather be difficult for a single machine. All machines on that network work under the same protocol to act as a virtual supercomputer. The task <a href="">psychology essay writing help</a> that they work on may include analyzing huge datasets or simulating situations that require high computing power.
By BaileyDaugherty
A network of computers working together to complete a task that would be too challenging for a single machine is known as grid computing. To function as a virtual supercomputer, every machine connected to that network follows the same protocol.

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