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I need to move case to selected task into the process without setting a connection into BPM diagram, i have a lot of task like 30 or more and by the end some user ask to send current case to a select task, doing a connection for each task will be a nightmare

[task1]->[task2]->[task3(or here)]->[task4(to here)]->[task5]->[task6]->[task7(from here)]

i try to use jumping(@@APPLICATION, @%INDEX); with a past delegation index (like 2 or 3 in the example) but does not work and say that ask to administrator for derivation error, so another thing are i dont want delete records in case history because i want to know how many steps was made in the process before completion.

how i can made this ? writing a new delegation index into the db? something like [task3] with delegation index 8 and when it finish go to [task4](delegation index 8 ) and step forward normally i will appreciate too much if someone can help me
Hello morenoaguilera,

This sounds like a good case to consider using subprocesses, I understand that some uses can turn very messy but sub-processes are the components that will help you keep processes design simple.

In conclusion, there is no way to have a process without the usage of the flow connectors.

Kind regards,
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