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As mentioned in the subject, I would like my process to display a second dynaform when a checkbox has been selected on the previous dynaform which would be the initial form. I have been trying to find information on how to use the condition under Steps for task > Dynaform2 Properties > Condition.
So far none of my conditions work properly, I have attached images to help better describe what I am referring to.

Thank you
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In summary for your scenario, you got
task1 with dynaform1, dynaform2
say, if set checkbox_var1 at dynaform1
then at set properties of dynaform2, you should do:
Edit (checked) >> set condition:
@@checkbox_var1[0] == 1 //checkbox value is in array format

Running: new case on dynaform1 >> check the checkbox checkbox_var1 >> click "next step" >>
click "continue" >> will direct to dynaform2

Good luck...
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