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hi. i have two grid and that is fix in 31 rows
i want push column11 of each grid to one array in triger
i use code below for push column11 to array but what about The second grid
$grid = @=gridVar001;
$len = count($grid);
$column_name = 'person_user';
$usr_uid = '';

//$target_array = @=users;
$target_array = array();

for ($i = 1; $i <= $len; $i++)
$usr_uid = $grid[$i][$column_name];
array_push($target_array, $usr_uid);

@=users = $target_array;

Can you try using array_merge_recursive() - Merge one or more arrays recursively?
Code: Select all

//output: Array ( [a] => Array ( [0] => red [1] => blue ) [b] => Array ( [0] => green [1] => yellow ) )

echo $result[a][1];
//output: blue
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