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I have checkgroup, i want when select checkboxes in checkgroup, after click button, this Items in grid.
every selected items(key and label=value and name), show in one row grid.

everybody can help me?
my code is:

$("#addToList").click( function() {
var arrCheck = document.getElementsByName('form[checkgroupVar001][]');
var report = "";
var count=0;
for (var i = 0; i < arrCheck.length; i++)

if (arrCheck.checked)

report += arrCheck.value;
var aLabels = JSON.parse($("#checkgroupVar001").getText());

if (arrCheck.checked === true){



var client = $("#clientName").getValue();
var service = $("#typeOfService").getValue();
var hasContract = $("#hasContract").getValue();
var startDate = $("#contractStartDate").getValue();
if (client == '') {
alert("Please add a client name");
else if (hasContract == "1" && startDate == '') {
alert("Please set the Contract Start Date");

for (var j = 1; j <= count; j++){

var aData = [
{value: client},
{value: service},
{value: hasContract},
{value: startDate},
{value: report},
{value: aLabels}




//clear form:

//workaround for clearing date fields:

function deleteList() {
var oGrid = $("#clientsList"); //set to the ID of the grid
var iRow = oGrid.getNumberRows();
for (; iRow > 0; iRow--) {

$("#clearList").click(deleteList); //clear grid when clicking "clearList" button
deleteList(); //clear grid when the Dynaform loads
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