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By azalea45
Hi All,
I have a grad that gets generated in a form and sometimes the number of line items is in excess of the available space on the page.
The larger grids consist of up to 40 records but the page that it is being printed on only allows for a maximum of 26 lines.
Is there a way to split the grid into two parts e.g. gridVar = 35 lines split it into newGrid1 = 26 lines and newGrid 2 the balance of the lines (9). I have tried a few different ways
Code: Select all
if ($rowcount > 25)
		$i = 0;
		while ($i <= 25)
			$newGrid1[$i] = $gridVar[$i];

		while ($i >= 26 and $i <= $rowcount ){
			$newGrid2[$i] = $gridVar[$i];
I have also tries to use array_slice.

Any help would be appreciated
By Ironguts25
Are you not able to use the page size feature for grids? What version of PM are you using?
By azalea45
Many thanks for the reply but the issue is not on screen but rather when the report is printed on to a piece of paper.
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